Introducing ... Christmas Gift Bundles

Introducing ... Christmas Gift Bundles

This Christmas, we are bringing you two gift sets that would be suitable for gifting. Thoughtful and minimalist design, we let the products and your generosity do the talking. 

1. Eli Oil Burner + any Fragrance Oil 

Choose any Fragrance Oil to go with our bestselling Eli Oil Burner. Made with cream marble, this sturdy oil burner can stay in a quiet corner while gently diffusing the scent around the room. 

Bundle price is SGD80. Usual price is SGD88.90.



2. Discovery Set: Multi-Sprays

These multi-sprays are your handy friends. Packed in 10ml with aromatherapy grade essential oils and isopropyl alcohol for sanitising properties, we love a useful gift too! Take this Discovery Set as an opportunity to try out the different scents and you might find the one you really like.

Bundle price is SGD25. Usual price is SGD29.70.