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Luna Dish

A catchall dish for your rings and loose changes. Place them on your dressing table or consoles for easy access! Image credits: The WYLD Shop Available in Cream Marble and Onyx.

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Ebb Incense Holder

Use Ebb as an incense holder or an ikebana stand:   Comes in two kind of material: Cream Marble and Onyx.    

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Valor Tray

Our biggest product, yet.   Use it to display your favourite items lavishly.   Made in cream marble.    Find Valor Tray here.    

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Ecru Jar

 A humble vessel.    You can use it as a vase or ... Store your makeup brushes on your dresser Our products are open to interpretations. Hopefully these photo journal series will inspire you to view products in a different way.   Shop Ecru Jar.

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Agatha Jar

Agatha Jar • Your trusty and sturdy marble jar. Use it to store your spices in the kitchen or your facial cottons. A vessel is merely a vessel and it is up to us to determine how it can be used. As jewellery storage. In the kitchen. Or for your beauty routines.   Shop Agatha Jar.

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