Welcome to stillgoods. 

Handcrafted and manufactured in Indonesia, using only quality and natural
stones such as marble and onyx. These materials are sturdy and easy to care for, created with sustainability in mind. We believe that when you take good care of the things you love, they will last with you for long time.

stillgoods aims to make beautiful things accessible.

This project first begun when we were in Indonesia for a sourcing trip. We chanced upon a stone cutter's booth at a craft fair and remembered how 3125 (our jewellery brand) wanted to expand into object design. We kind of tucked this idea at the back for a long period of time until we brought out one of the first prototype at Ship of Time, a multi-label concept store located at the heart of CBD in Singapore.

We got down to the final details of the debut collection, branding and packaging, deciding on a brand name... And finally, we launched stillgoods in October 2020.

In the midst of a pandemic.

As we are staying at home most of the time, we should consider making the best out of the space we live (and work) in. We hope some of our products will beautify and amplify your living spaces.

Thank you for being with us.